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by The Homsies

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feuneige Inspiring! Thank you for your work and courage. Favorite track: Zalamook.
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yoncah This is very very very very very very good !
Favorite track: Zalamook.
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Recorded in a refugee camp in Akkar, Lebanon with a team of talented youth from in and around Homs, Syria


released December 24, 2016

Mixed and Mastered by Andrew Howie



all rights reserved


Mishwar Music Lebanon

Mishwar music is a mobile music studio that works in refugee camps in north Lebanon to give a voice to the Syrian youth who are forced to live there. All music sales go to the camps and ongoing music projects. Visit our website or facebook page for more info ... more

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Track Name: Al Qusayr - the Spring of Freedom
Oh Qusair! Oh you proud city!
Oh you spring of freedom!
I miss you a lot
We’ve had enough of humiliation and poverty
I miss hanging around in your streets
And sleeping in your hands

I miss the round-about
Playing in the house yard
I miss the schools
Where I used to study
I miss Assi (River)
To swim in it

I love your country side
Your willows are so beautiful
I miss the Qantara (the arch)
It is surrounded by apple orchard
I miss the grove
The willows and the pomegranate
I miss your olive trees
Your apples and lemons

I miss all the places
Today and everywhere
I miss the odour of your soil
And meeting your dear lovers
I miss you Qusair
I became like a grown up now because of all those worries
I swear by your love and your name
We will repaint you
With love and peace
With goodness and security
I miss everything in you
Your people and your families
This expatriation is killing us
It took all of our energy

Oh Qusair! We tasted bitterness
But we need to have patience
Those people who died, why?
I don’t know why
A man kills his brother
And I don’t know what for
For power and glory?
For money and profits?
Trust me, all of this will be gone
Interests will come to an end
Everybody will regret
For every stone that was demolished

Oh Qusair! Don’t be sad!
I give you my soul and my blood
Pray to God now
To make our return soon
Oh Qusair! You are ours
And you will remain ours
No matter how long it will take
Security will come again

Oh Qusair! Open your gates!
Your dearest lovers are coming!
Oh Qusair! Open your gates!
Your dearest lovers are coming!
Track Name: Syria calling سوريا عم بتنادي - أروى وهيام
(Arabic below)

Where are you Arabs? Where are you Muslims?
Don’t you see what is happening to the Syrians?
The massacres that happened
The blood that was shed
Thousands of martyrs
Everyday and in every family
Of the Syrian people
and the world is silent
Adults and children
Christians and Muslims
Injustice is everywhere
Shame on us, humans
That is the greatest shame
“Silence in the face of injustice is complicity with the oppressor”
Trust in God
Protests in millions
All presidents are vile
The Syrian people is resisting
Despite the injustice and the siege

Don’t you see Hollande, Putin and Cameron
Who destroyed Syria
With their military arsenal
You detained a child, you called him a terrorist
The child who died under the siege, what wrong has he done?

Oh mother! Oh Syria!
I give you my soul and my blood
I raise my voice out loud
I am Syrian! I am not a terrorist!

Listen to me closely
No matter how long we live in exile
We will come back and rebuild it

Syria is calling
Listen to me for God’s sake
I want my children

You will come back, Syria
And we will rebuild you again
I miss you! I miss you! I miss you Syria!

I want to live in safety
I want to play with my friends
I want to go to my school
And study with my friends
I wish we live the old days
I wish we become unified again
To build our country

Don’t you see all the tears
Smell of blood is everywhere
No one of you cares
That is shameful, world!
That is the greatest shame
You killed adults and children
You ruined our childhood
You destroyed all of our dreams
You stole everything from us
The XXXXXXx the peace

We want nothing in this life
But to live in safety
Without shelling or killing
Without destruction or war
We want to study again
In the schools that we will build

Syria is calling
Listen to me for God’s sake
I want my children

Why? Why? Why?
Why are you doing this to us?
Why are you destroying our country?
Why do you enjoy watching us suffering?
Why did you take us away from our country?
Why do you enjoy killing innocent people?

When will this war stop
To come back to God?
When will the war stop
To live with love?
That’s when we kick off our inability
To live in honour

I love you my country Syria!

وينكم يا عرب وينكم يا مسلمين
مش شايفين ياللي صاير بأحوال السوريين
المجزاير ياللي صارت
الدم ياللي يسيل
شهداء بالآلاف
كل نهار وبكل عيلة
الشعب السوري وانتو
ياعالم ساكتين
كبار وصغار
مسيح ومسلمين
الظلم بكل مكان
والله عيب يا بشر
والله أكبر عار
اللي ساكت على الحق شيطان أخرس
خلي توكلكم على الله
مظاهرات مليونية
رؤساء كلها كلاب
والشعب السوري قاعد
تحت الظلم والحصار

مش شايفين هولاند وبوتين وكاميرون
اللي دمّروا سورية
بمدفعاتهم الحربية
حبستوا طفل قلتوا عنه إرهابي
شو ذنب الطفل ياللي مات تحت الحصار

يا أمي يا سورية
بفديكِ بروحي وبدمّي
برفع صوتي وبعلّي
أنا سوري منّي إرهابي

اسمعني كتير منيح
مهما طوّلت فينا الغربة
رح نرجع ونعمّرها

سورية عم بتنادي
مشان الله افهموني
أنا بدّي ولادي

رح ترجعي سورية
ونعمّرك من أول وجديد
اشتقتلك اشتقتلك اشتقتلك يا سورية

بدّي عيش بأمان
بدّي إلعب مع رفقاتي
بدّي روح عمدرستي
وأتعلّم مع رفقاتي
متمنّي نرجع متل زمان
متمنّي نرجع نتوحّد
حتى نبني بلدنا

مو شايفين شلالات دموع
وريحة الدم بكل مكان
مافي حدا منكم مهتم
والله عيب يا عالم
واللهِ أكبر عار
قتلتوا كبار وصغار
حطّمتوا طفولتنا
حطّمتوا كل أحلامنا
أخدتوا كل شي منّا
ال××××× السلام

ما بدنا شي من الدني
غير إنّا نرجع نعيش بأمان
من دون قصف وقتل
من دون دمار وحرب
بدنا نرجع نتعلّم
بالمدارس يلّي رح نبنيها

سوريا عم بتنادي
كرمال الله افهموني
أنا بدي ولادي

ليش؟ ليش؟ ليش؟
لك ليش هيك عم تعملوا فينا؟
ليش عم بتدمروا بلدنا؟
ليش بتحبّوا تشوفونا ونحن عم نتعذّب؟
ليش بعدتونا عن وطنا؟
ليش بتحبّوا تقتلوا الناس الأبرياء؟

متى ستسقط الحاء من حربنا
لنعود إلى ربّنا؟
متى سيسقط الراء من حربنا
لنعيش حبّنا؟
فعندها سيسقط الجيم من عجزنا
لنعيش عزّنا